First time appointments are a big deal, and I want to make sure that you feel taken care of and your needs are met with the highest of expectations. That’s why I have all the new color clients book under the New Client tab on my booking site. I want to ensure that we have ample amount of time to consult, plan, and deliver your lived-in hair goals without any time restraints. Your satisfaction in your first appointment is the most important of them all. This is where we set up a game plan for you to achieve your dream hair, maintain it, and live in it for as long as possible between appointments. Each client and desire is entirely custom, and that is what I offer you. We will discuss how long in between sessions is necessary while also setting you up with products that will help you stay on track in achieving these goals.

WHat my clients say

Trust the process

Expect your first appointment to be lengthy! I encourage all new clients to free up their schedule after their appointment. The last thing we want is to rush your service! Please feel free to bring whatever you need to make you most comfortable. 

I prove water, iced coffee soda and seasonal refreshments along side a mini snack bar during this time and I have plenty of clients who even bring a book or their tablet/laptop to do some work if need be!

New client color starting price:

Base price $250

Additional Haircut: $75



Taylor in the Studio

New haircut clients

For the time being, I am no longer accepting stand alone haircut services. I do still offer haircuts added onto any of my color services that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I would love to hear about your current hair and what your dream hair is! This way I can make sure I have everything ready for you on the day of. We will also be able to discuss budget, and expectations before you arrive for your appointment, therefore there won’t be any unwanted surprises

Please reach out to me on my contact box and we can definitely give you a better layout of what your investment will look like during the appointment, and for future appointments based on your personal goals.

Hair should always come clean. Whether you washed it the day of your service, or a day prior, coming with decently clean hair is important when starting with a brand new canvas

I do not. My true passion is lived-in color. I pride myself on being a low maintenance hair speciality and it’s where I thrive. After spending a decade in this industry, I’ve realized that I want to focus on my passions and strengths in order to give my very best to each client